29. May 2018
20 Years Hardthaus with Marc Vermetten and his team

For this special occasion, we would like to invite our guests to time travel with us On Friday 8th June, Saturday 9th June and Sunday 10th June 2018, we will be serving you the culinary highlights of the last 20 years. Marc Vermetten has selected several hundred photographs that will arouse memories of many entertaining […]

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19. January 2018

15 Years, Stey Musical Dinner Show in the Hardthaus Restaurant This year’s gourmet pleasure trip took us on the cruise ship "LADIDA". Together with Captain Rudi Stey and his crew, First Officer Renate, Technical Officer Barbara and Entertainment Officer Fritz, we enjoyed a fantastic captain's dinner with many highlights from the Hardthaus kitchen. On stage, […]

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21. November 2017
From Buenos Aires to Kraiburg

Half a year ago, Lisa Franz, a freelance photographer, arrived in Kraiburg. 
I lived in Argentina for nine years, where I met my husband, the musician Facundo Barreyra in Buenos Aires. Beijing, Cologne, Buenos Aires I was born in 1979 in Beijing. In Cologne, I studied philosophy and history and worked as a photographer. When […]

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14. September 2017
The making of the Hardthaus Corporate Video 2017

A glimpse behind the scenes 1 day, from dawn to dusk, together with the Hardthaus team and the film-maker Sebastian Harrer and his film-crew. We would like to show you some beautiful moments in typical Hardthaus style, up close and personal. We hope to whet your appetite and show you the finer details of the […]

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2. March 2017
Team Hardthaus

Photos by Wolfgang Klemisch www.wolfgang-klemisch.de The Hardthaus team says thanks for the funny shoot

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26. April 2016
Marcs Treasure Chest Part II

more photos from Marc Vermetten can be found in the photo folder

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28. March 2016
Modernization at Hardthaus

Easter is only a few days ago and we used the time to go on with the modernization of our restaurant. The complete lighting in the kitchen was replaced with modern LED lamps. The jobs are now illuminated optimally with energy-efficient LED light pleasant. Next each workstation with Kitchen-High-Tech has been optimized. Now our kitchen […]

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19. November 2015
Nice Work & Winery Bortolusso

All the years and now, always an unique evening: our friends from the winery Bortolusso from the beautiful Friuli and our lifeblood jazz musicians from Nice Work create an evening in perfect harmony. From the Greeting of the kitchen until the last note, a potent sonic feast with many dear regulars and satisfied new guests, […]

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4. August 2015
la familia - Part II

The Hardthaus team 2015 Part II Photos by Wolfgang Klemisch www.wolfgang-klemisch.de the Hardthaus team says thank you for the amazing Shooting

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30. July 2015
Marcs treasure chest

Pictures from 1999 until today "Hardthaus in Action" from Marc Vermetten's photo folder. So many beautiful moments with our great guests & the Hardthaus team.

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23. February 2015
la familia

The Hardthaus team 2015 Photos by Wolfgang Klemisch www.wolfgang-klemisch.de the Hardthaus team says thank you for the great shooting

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5. November 2014
Foods Fullsize

Koch und Stylist: Marc Vermetten. Fotograf und Verkoster: Jesper Lindebjerg. Gesamturteil: Schmeckt noch besser als es aussieht!

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25. September 2014
A beautiful setting for a symphony in enjoyment

A lukewarm "Indian Summer" evening in the beautiful halls of Castle Guttenburg. The perfect atmosphere for Marc Vermetten to a successful year as an ambassador for Nicolas Feuillatte to conclude with a tasting menu. Marc Vermetten and his Hardthaus team are very happy to offer their guests France's top Champagne. There has never been enjoyed […]

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18. June 2014
Food photos by Foto-Gen

FOTO-GEN is the family and child-friendly photo studio in the heart of Kraiburg for special photos. With us YOU get professional advice and an on your wishes created photoshoot. We can make YOU big in the photos. FOTO-GEN | exclusive photography 84559 Kraiburg am Inn phone: +49 (0) 8638 888 797 Mobil: +49 (0) 173 […]

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17. May 2014
Wine tasting evening with winery Nimmervoll

At the age of 14 years was to be Gregor Nimmervoll's desired wine. From a small farm with a little winery, which was operated by the grandmother, was created by the grandson Gregory, the veritable vineyard Nimmervoll. His girlfriend, Claudia Scholly is also fully convinced in operation at his side. The estate Nimmervoll from Engelmannsbrunn […]

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12. May 2014
We celebrated!

The opening of Hardthaus guest rooms and 15 years Marc Vermetten his Hardthaus team. Our guests are numerous, appeared with high spirits and sunshine. When, again wonderful, musical accompaniment by NICE WORK we could exchange memories while enjoying all the fine food and drink. The presentation of the Hardt and Breakfast was another very tasty […]

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20. January 2014
Musical and Stars Gourmet Weekend 2014

11 years ago  Marc Vermetten presented with his Hardthaus team and Stey Productions a meaningful experience of a special kind. A 5-course gourmet menu, combined with first-class show acts from the glittering world of musicals. The musical star dinner is a show concept that the two great pleasures of life - good food and good […]

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22. November 2013
Wine Fair

Thank you Florian for the beautiful pictures at the Wine Fair Sunday, October 27, 2013 Florian Wildt Photography

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14. August 2013
Ralph's Japanese menu in Hardthaus

Ralph Fischer learned his dream job as a chef at Marc Vermetten, in Hardthaus restaurant and wine cellar, in Kraiburg am Inn. Wanderlust and curiosity drive him through the world. Curiosity and perseverance let him learn the culinary specialties of different cultures and their craftsmanship. Inventiveness and the necessary intuition Ralph Fischer's constant companions. Its roots […]

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18. July 2013
Food photos to enjoy

We have put together some new pictures for you. We hope you have an appetite!

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7. June 2013
Photos for Wine Seminar with Tom Engelhardt

Weinwissen, aromatic plants, sensors and scents in wine Very pleased I am to have been invited the wine seminar in Hardthaus, on Sunday, May 5, 2013 13:00 to accompany photographically. The Weinakademiker Tom Engelhardt fascinated with his extensive knowledge of the world of wine, which he participants in the restaurant brought closer in sympathetic and […]

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6. May 2013
3 days enjoyment and pure harmony

Now the most prestigious Champagne days at Hardthaus are already history The three days, marked by noble, exclusive taste of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne have, let us experience many moments of enjoyment and harmony. Marc Vermetten created a menu inspired by 7 different champagnes of Nicolas Feuilatte. Every course met this little, perfect moment of harmony […]

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10. March 2013
Soul Food

Close your eyes, take a whiff of the steam rising from the gumbo and you will be in New Orleans... open your eyes slowly, and you are back in Hardthaus in Kraiburg am Inn. I was on Sunday afternoon March 24, 2013 in Hardthaus and we had the first "soul food" to do. I wrote […]

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3. March 2013
Champagne tasting menu with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne

Photos for champagne tasting menu with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne

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23. January 2013
14 years Hardthaus gourmet menu

Sunday, January 20, 2012 - 80 people - 80 x 14 courses  ... this means that we have a total of over 1200 plate with great joy serving our guests. A successful day for Marc Vermetten, the team and its guests. The winery Black has personally brought 14 years of his treasury matured wines. We […]

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30. April 2012
Poss tasting menu

Weingut Poss in Windesheim delivers to upscale restaurants winery The roots of our winery in Windesheim wine country NEAR rich until the late 19th century. The winery "Guldenbachhof" was in the village of Windesheim at Gulden Bach. In 1979, the family acquired a property on the outskirts of Windesheim, emerged on the gradually the new premises. […]

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4. April 2012
Photos from the grill cooking class

For the first barbecue-cooking course of 2012, it was a perfect day. T-shirt weather and blue sky The participants first get all the details for meat, marinades and garnishes, explains in the kitchen of Marc Vermetten and his team. All to do with the preparations before it goes to the terrace for barbecues. Here Waygu […]

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28. February 2012
Thai cooking class

The images were captured on November 17, 2011 by one of our participants, and provided for us. We say thank you for the beautiful photos and hope you enjoy!

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1. January 2012
Happy new year 2012

The team from Hardthaus wishes you a Happy New Year and good luck for 2012 Thanks for a great night until the new year.

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7. July 2011
From Sylt to Kraiburg am Inn

A German lake quality seminar was reason for Marc Vermettens short trip to Sylt, to the roots of his cooking career In splendid weather e.g. visited the only German oyster banks of Sylt Royal, the Dittmeyer Oyster Company. With Top restaurateurs cooking seminar was at 2-star chef Johannes King, a lot of fun and we […]

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28. June 2011
Cooking class Wimmer

Super nice photos, the Hardthaus Team says thank you! For us it was a lot of fun 🙂 you were a refreshing team to the end.

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16. June 2011
Food Photos

Lindebjerg - Your specialist for professional ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY in all areas Showcase your products, your business, your team in the right light. Jesper Lindebjerg specializes in advertising photography for corporate, promotional photos and product photos for websites - company brochures - flyers, advertising photographs of production processes, team photos, etc. I am happy to make […]

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2. March 2011
Thai kitchen

On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 was in Hardthaus thai cuisine cooking class Participants in the cooking class and their companions sat together, with a large company in the entrée and enjoyed the whole evening Thai specialties. We appreciate the high level of participation. Until next time, your Hardthaus Team

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1. February 2011
Hardthaus in Action

You wished to have our photo galleries available again on our home page

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29. January 2011
Photo Session with Team Hardthaus

Official Team Photo Hardthaus 2011

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1. December 2010
Christmas mood

The Hardthaus team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would like to thank you and look forward to welcoming you again next year.

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19. May 2010
Kindergarten Cooking Class

On 18 May 2010 the star group of the Käthe-Luther kindergarten in Waldkraiburg visited the kitchen from the restaurant Hardthaus. The Hardthaus chefs have shown how to make spaghetti out dough itself. With support of the little guests the Hardthaus kitchen staff cuts the noodles. Later each child was allowed to select their own plate […]

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14. January 2010
The Renaissance of pork

Ederhof; a farm with tradition The listed Einödhof lies on a glacial moraine ten kilometers north of Wasserburg am Inn. The farm was founded in 1746 by Georg Eder, whose successors sold it in 1984 at family Raupach. As a newcomer in agriculture today, they built a 56 hectare organic farm in accordance with the […]

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14. January 2010
New Year Party 2009/2010

Our Full Moon New Year party in the restaurant and wine cellar was a real blast! Guests enjoyed a New Year's dinner with many highlights as "last supper" of the first decade in the new millennium. Many regular guests from near and far came to this full moon New Year's Eve in the restaurant or […]

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15. December 2009
Christmas market in Kraiburg am Inn

Verena and Sofia had celebrated this Christmas market our 10th anniversary The two were 10 years ago on wooden crates in the house. The homemade pizzas from Papa Ermes and its famous orange punch is always enjoyed until the end of the Christmas market, from visitors. Marc and his Vermetten Hardthaus team wish all our […]

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19. October 2009
Wine tasting with the Weingut Robert Weil

Am Freitag 9. Oktober 2009 um 19.00 Uhr war wieder einer dieser „Feinschmeckertermine“ im Hardthaus.
Dirk Cannova, Verkaufsleiter vom Weingut Robert Weil stellte...

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11. October 2009
Jazz Gourmet evening

The winery Bortolusso from Friuli in northern Italy presents this evening his top wines, which we  suitably served to each of the six courses of our menu. The jazz-blues band "Nice Work" will accompany the music throughout the evening http://www.barbara-thaler.de Photos by Lindebjerg-design.de

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15. September 2009
Photos from the kids cooking class

It was a special experience, the kids cooking class at the restaurant Hardthaus for everyone involved Zitat OVB-Online - http://www.ovb-online.de

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6. August 2009
Hot & Spicy on the terrace

It was "hot and spicy". Until the night on 5 August 2009 at the market place in Kraiburg am Inn With Spicy dishes from Africa, South America and Asia. Photos by lindebjerg-design.de wine recommendation White: 2008 Riesling "Julie" winery Reichsrat v. Buhl Pfalz Germany Red: 2008er Syrah Outback Australia Hope Hot & Spicy menu Greetings from […]

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26. June 2009
Tasting menu

Kraiburg June 25, 2009 Mr. Frank Lucas from exclusive Reichsrat von Buhl estate from Deidesheim Pfalz presented tonight its top wines in the restaurant Hardthaus. The tasting menu of Marc Vermetten together with fine wines, to little stories and intimate conversations by candlelight. An evening with many beautiful facets in a wonderful ambience. The wines […]

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3. April 2009
the Rabbit Cook

Thursday, April 2, 2009, all with a difference: Today, our service manager Karsten Müller(rabbit) cooks with his team for you. Marc Vermetten is responsible with his kitchen team for the service. We served  a 5-course "waiter" menu

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9. March 2009
Nobu backstage photos

Saturday, March 8, 2009, we cook a Japanese 7-course menu modeled on chef Nobu Matsuhisa New Style sushi and sashimi Sea bass with Spicy Moroma miso and cucumber Scallop with Crisp Filo and yuzu truffle sauce Grilled Seawater-Gamba with lemon garlic sauce Grilled fillet of beef on Wakame Mustard Su-miso sauce Blueberry soup, plus green tea […]

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7. February 2009
World Premiere Jaguar XF

Hardthaus catering was there where Jaguar Esser celebrated in Waldkraiburg world premiere of the new jaguar XF. Finger food, Asian and fine wines Phootos by Lindebjerg-design.de

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