Gourmet Menu - Vegetarian

Vegetarian goes Culinary

Vegetarian dishes can be more than just herbs and beet!
We will serve you an exceptional 6-course menu made from purely plant-based ingredients that will whisk you away to completely new, fascinating worlds of taste.

We will create vegetarian dishes for you in a "modern style", always in tune with seasonal products, taste-intensive and surprising. We use the widest range of international cuisine from European, Asian and Oriental to fully satisfy your tastes - and we are sure that you have never experienced "vegetarian" in such an exciting way.

Our Vegetarian Creative Menu

Homemade Bread & Various Dips

Greeting from the kitchen
Black Salsify, Parmesan Espuma, Crispy Parmesan, Lamb's Lettuce, Shiitake
Thai Curry Foam Soup
Cauliflower Mousse
Romanesco, Roasted Cauliflower, Egg Yolk, Beurre Blanc
Sautéed Leaf Spinach, Green Asparagus, Teriyaki, Vegetable Wonton
Chocolate-Chili Cake & Pattaya Mango Sorbet

Vegetarian Menu € 68,00
Vegetarian Menu without Cauliflower Mousse € 58,00
Vegetarian Menu without Thai Curry Foam Soup & Cauliflower Mousse € 48,00

Vegetarian Menu - Wine Recommendation

2018 Grey & Pinot Blanc
Ehrhart Pfalz Germany
Glass 0,1l € 4,50 or 0,75l € 29,00

2017 Herdade Rocim
Alentejano Portugal
Glass 0,1l € 4,50 or 0,75l € 29,00

Menu and ingredients are subject to market availability, and for quality reasons, may change without prior notice!
Please let our service staff know, if you suffer from any allergies or intolerances.

We will be pleased to offer you a fine wine or a non-alcoholic beverage to accompany your menu

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