Sunday Menu

Greetings from the kitchen
Faroese Salmon & Asian Spiced Tartar of Faroese Salmon
Tramezzino/Guacamole/Yuzu Cream
Herb Foam Soup & Pike Perch Dumplings
"Fettuccine Alfredo"
Pasta/Green Asparagus/San Daniele Ham
Braised Beef & Fillet of Beef/Potato Mousseline/Spring Vegetables
"Lazy Sunday" Dessert Variation

Sunday Menu € 58,00
Sunday Menu without Fettuccine Alfredo € 48,00
Sunday Menu without Herb Foam Soup & Fettuccine Alfredo € 38,00

For our little connoisseurs

Veal broth & Swabian Ravioli
€ 4,00

Leaf salad
Poulard Breast/Tomatoes/Mozzarella
€ 6,50

Tomato Sauce, Bolognese or otherwise
€ 4,50

Wiener Schnitzel & French Fries
€ 7,50

Chicken Breast
Vegetables/Veal Gravy/Risoni
€ 7,50

Scottish Salmon
Spring Vegetables/Baby Potatoes/Cream Sauce
€ 8,50

Menu and ingredients are subject to market availability, and for quality reasons, may change without prior notice!
Please let our service staff know, if you suffer from any allergies or intolerances.

We will be pleased to offer you a fine wine or a non-alcoholic beverage to accompany your menu

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