5. SOS Kinderdorf tasting menu

18. March 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

We would like to thank our guests for your interest and support in this event.

Our guests have donated your menu with wine at least € 100 at the SOS Kinderdorf e.V. and we really like where our labor input in vain with the top of it from Hardthaus team.

We are pleased to be able to make a donation of € 2,700 for the SOS Children's Villages today.

We reach a child who has experienced worst, our hands all over the world need help abandoned children. Poverty, war, violence and abuse they hit hardest. We from Hardthaus team have therefore accepted an SOS child sponsorship since 2010 and support our godchild Sunday in Nigeria. The fundraiser in the form of a tasting menu also supports the SOS Children's Villages. From each donation go 3.14% to the administration, 9.46% to the advertising and 87.4% of the project funding. As a small example, with only 31 euros a month the child gets for food and clothing, an education and medical care for themselves and their environment.

The SOS Children's Villages give a child who has lost his family, a new home. The child grows up in an SOS family and gets everything it needs: love and care, and of course food, clothing, medical care and an education. To give him the chance of a better future.

Special thanks we would like for Mr. Joseph Jordan for its co-organization and support for this successful event.

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