Hardthaus Hotel

6. May 2014

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Savoring the moment and stylish stay after Hardthaus Style

The name Hardthaus represents a creative, fresh and high quality cuisine, which gives our users a completely relaxed gourmet event. Who would like to enjoy a well-traveled guest or a guest couple more in the evening and return only plans for the next day, which are here in direct vicinity of the Hardthaus five impressive and modern guest rooms for one night available. In the historic rooms you enjoy the evening, relax and enjoy a very special living environment.

Historic masonry meets modern style

The guest rooms are located just steps from Hardthaus-restaurant. Buildings and accomodations were once designed as the Hardthaus in the historic colonial. A delightful contrast to the medieval walls forming the high-quality, modern room design, which has been exclusively designed by a leading interior designer. Each room has a different interior that gives the historic rooms an upscale, charming residential style.

Hardthaus breakfast service for all friends of "bed & breakslow"

During the period of stay every guest has free use of beverages like tea, coffee and water. For the special drinking experience is a wine-climate cabinet filled with fine wines, ready. The extracted wines are calculated on top for room rent. Who wishes a hearty breakfast estimates the supplies our Hardthaus breakfast service with fresh baked goods and tasty various food - for extended connoisseurs moments in the morning, in the spirit of "break slow not fast".


  • 5 guest rooms with double beds
  • just steps away from the restaurant
  • historical, medieval ambience
  • quality, modern room design
  • contain water, coffee and tea in the price
  • Wine climate cabinet with exquisite wine selection
  • Breakfast service on request
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