Herdade do Rocim

24. August 2013

The Herdade do Rocim is a wine estate located between Vidigueira and Cuba, in the Lower Alentejo region, with about 100 hectares, of which approximately 60 hectares are occupied by vineyard.

Bought in 2000 by Terralis, the following six years involved hard restructuring and qualification work, completed with the plantation of most part of the vineyard that today comprises the Herdade. It is characterised by clay and sandy soils and for the past few years the plantation of vineyards at the Herdade has been done according to specific criteria, which will enable the production of high quality grapes.

A structuring element in the Herdade do Rocim project, the winery combines wine production with the aesthetic quality of its architecture and serves as a marketing and promotional element to re-qualify the region.


At the "Herdade do Rocim" everything is done with a profound sense of aesthetics.

Every effort is made for doing everything well, anytime, always improving, and, naturally, the wine is our deepest concern.
After nearly ten years of investment in improving vines and planting new vineyards, building the winery, the "Herdade do Rocim" is now part of an awarded high quality business venture. The production and launch of the wines has been a slow process, above all, because care has been taken to do it well rather than hastily.


Red wine
Manual harvest into 12 kg boxes.
After the grapes are taken to the wine cellar, they are once again triaged on a vibrating sorting table, destemmed and lightly crushed. Fermentation takes place in a horizontal rotary tank, at a controlled temperature of 24ºC, for eight days.


The "Rocim" was presented by the second mark. This is a wine with a pronounced acidity, rich fruit, soft, round with slight touches of good wood. “Rocim” Red and White are available in the market. Since 2009, the stamp-like label and was upgraded to the present look.

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