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13. January 2014

Wolfgang Schneider, the inn expert, visited with Bavarian Television BR in Kraiburg am Inn. We thank the BR for the wonderful contribution "Wir in Bayern" on December 6, 2013. It was a great day with you. The creative hours with your team, during the shooting, have all made us a lot of fun.

On the homepage of the BR, an article on the Hardthaus is written as an inn tip.

Here you can read the full article:

"Hardthaus" in Kraiburg am Inn in Upper Bavaria

For this beautiful product we quote Wolfgang Schneider.

What makes the Hardthaus

Actually everything. It fulfills two criteria that belong in my opinion to a top gastronomy. First, an exceptionally tasteful environment, and secondly, of course, a class-dinner.

Wolfgang Schneider