A beautiful setting for a symphony in enjoyment

25. September 2014

A lukewarm "Indian Summer" evening in the beautiful halls of Castle Guttenburg. The perfect atmosphere for Marc Vermetten to a successful year as an ambassador for Nicolas Feuillatte to conclude with a tasting menu. Marc Vermetten and his Hardthaus team are very happy to offer their guests France's top Champagne. There has never been enjoyed so much champagne in Hardthaus than this year!

The champagne selection made by Nicolas Feuillatte was presented by manager Pierre Hartweg, Export Champagne Nicolas Feuilatte humorous and interesting.

Harmony of opposites

South Tyrol is Italy's northernmost province and lies on the southern edge of the Alps. It is a land of contrasts: palm trees or fig trees with snowy Alpine peaks in the background are not uncommon. Even the wine benefits from the Alps as a barrier against cold winds from the north. In the south, the land opens the mediterranean influences. So the wines combine southern charm and northern finesse.

The wines of Colterenzio Schreckbichl, conducted by Wolfgang Raifer - Managing Colterenzio Schreckbichl, personally.

The six-course menu created by Marc Vermetten aware complementary to the fine wines by the glass. Harmonically, the contrasting flavors met on the palate. A delightful joy, as special as our guests and the atmosphere that evening.

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