From Buenos Aires to Kraiburg

21. November 2017

Blog post by photographer and author Lisa Franz
About Lisa Franz:

Lisa Franz, was born in 1979 in Beijing, Lisa is a visual artist specialising in photography with a master's degree from the University of Cologne in Philosophy and Anglo, Ibero-Latin American History. As a scholarship student Lisa also studied in Seville, Spain. From 2008 to 2017 she lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lisa Franz is the author of the book "A Year in Buenos Aires", published by Herder Verlag. At fourteen, Lisa was introduced to photography by her father - photographer and writer - she was later professionally trained by the Italian photographer Fulvio Zanettini. Lisa also studied with the Argentine photographer Eduardo Gil in Buenos Aires. At an early age, she was captivated and fascinated with the creation of images. The visual work of Lisa Franz is both a comprehensive vision of different cultures as well as being complemented by her profound academic knowledge. Her projects have been exhibited in major institutions in Argentina: Cultural Center Recoleta, State Museum Palais de Glace, International Foundation Jorge Luis Borges, German Embassy, University of ISalud and Congress of the Nation. She also works with Amnesty International Argentina and since June 2017 now lives in Kraiburg am Inn.

Half a year ago, Lisa Franz, a freelance photographer, arrived in Kraiburg. 
I lived in Argentina for nine years, where I met my husband, the musician Facundo Barreyra in Buenos Aires.

Beijing, Cologne, Buenos Aires

I was born in 1979 in Beijing. In Cologne, I studied philosophy and history and worked as a photographer. When I emigrated in 2008, it was clear to me that I could make my dreams come true and become a creative artist in Argentina.

Art and other adventures

After owning my own successful photo studio, for several years in Cologne, shooting professional promotional photographs for the cosmetics industry and exhibiting numerous photography collections and art projects abroad, I was enable to stay a while on the South American continent, thats where I wrote the book "A year in Buenos Aires" .

Hello Germany!

Understandably, starting a new career in good old Germany, at nearly forty, was a daunting task and wasn’t without worry. My transition was made all the more easier, and I was very happy at accept the contract from Marc Vermetten to re-imagine and create the new image photographs for his Hardthaus Gourmet Restaurant.
Starting late September, Marc Vermetten, his team, Jesper Lindebjerg and myself worked on the new edition of the Hardthaus Restaurant brochure and homepage.
Since returning from Argentina, I could not be happier to take on this first project for such a fine establishment. 
A wonderful team, a great boss and an exceptional restaurant with a lot of spirit and joy in all they do.

Thank you Hardthaus for the good many hours of pleasurable cooperation!

Passion and future dreams

It has always been my passion to photograph people. The contact and interaction between photographer and the person being portrayed has fascinated me since I started taking photographs at the age of 14.
In particular, being able to portray women is like a gift for me, because as a woman, I can intuitively grasp what the photographed person is all about.
The forever young, beauty and slimming delusion that is created and used by the beauty industry is a like a fatal argument that often weighs on women and weakens their self-esteem in times of exaggerated beauty image retouching.
Having worked in the cosmetic industry for many years as a professional photographer, I know that these ideologies and industry culture are always present, when portraying women.

So, back in Germany - It’s my dream to open a women's photography studio. Our main focus is specifically on individual photographs, of women and for women, but it would also be possible to create wonderful images of sisters, mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters and best girlfriends. 
In short, a place where women feel secure and safe. The trust between photographer and model, and above all the trust in ourselves prevail. 

All women are beautiful and unique but they are being subjectified in glossy advertising magazines on a daily basis. Women are subtly being made to believe that they are far from beautiful and unique.
However, I am not for the total rejection of retouching images and against the beauty industry, but I do stand for the recovery of a natural way of dealing with oneself and one's own individual beauty and aesthetics.
I also do not want to exclude men, rather, I am concerned with the creation of a space in which women can deal freely and without prejudice with their body and their individual charisma.
A portrait photography shoot is always more than just taking a few nice pictures.

Back in Germany, after 16 years and a lot of professional experience, I see the women's photo studio as a challenge and a huge opportunity.

If you feel that this is your chance to finally express yourself in a safe and secure environment, then write to me and we can arrange an individual photo shoot.

Bye for now!
Lisa Franz

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