Photos for Wine Seminar with Tom Engelhardt

7. June 2013

Weinwissen, aromatic plants, sensors and scents in wine

Very pleased I am to have been invited the wine seminar in Hardthaus, on Sunday, May 5, 2013 13:00 to accompany photographically. The Weinakademiker Tom Engelhardt fascinated with his extensive knowledge of the world of wine, which he participants in the restaurant brought closer in sympathetic and certainly also passionate kind Hardthaus. The emotions of the day around the scents, the various grape varieties and wines I was allowed to hold for Marc Vermetten through my photographs.

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Program wine seminar

provide day seminar on vivid way by professionals, wine and herbal knowledge. You can expect a very exciting and sensual and instructive day. We will take you into the magical world of scents of wine, herbs and plants. We work exclusively with natural fragrances!

They acquire extensive knowledge of the tasting of wines, the wine attack and meaningful combinations of wines and food!

Approach on a completely new way the topics perfume, wine and plants.

  • 13:00 Welcome drink, first scent memories are awakened.
  • Basic introduction to wine tasting technique, correct wine speech, practical tasting.
  • Sensory Odour training and explanation of the fragrance groups.
  • Introduction to the world of harmony of wine and food. Costs and sniff.
  • 4-course gourmet menu with wine.
  • Presentation of different aromatic plants (fruity, lemony, balsamic, spicy, floral, vegetal, etc.). Sensory Mapping the plants.
  • Aroma of wine: sensory training with practical examples (wine, vegetable spices, fruits, flowers). Tasting each of red and white wine. Mastering the respective flavor profiles. Assignment of appropriate flavors - representatives (plants, spices etc.).
  • Creating fragrance images for the wines tasted.
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