Soul Food

10. March 2013

Soul Food Menu


Louisiana Sunburst Salad
Salad with Cranberries, Black pepper, cheese, cinnamon

Best Gumbo EverGumbo "Creole-Boulliabaisse" recipe from Miss Elie, New Orleans
 JambalayaCajun kind of paella with shrimp

Cajun RedfischMarinated and grilled red snapper

Chicken BayonChicken breast, Andouille sausage, tarragon

Blackened PrimebeefUS prime beef with Creole spices, corn fritters, Red Beans

Creole Bread Pudding with WhiskeyBread Pudding with Whiskey

Close your eyes, take a whiff of the steam rising from the gumbo and you will be in New Orleans... open your eyes slowly, and you are back in Hardthaus in Kraiburg am Inn.

I was on Sunday afternoon March 24, 2013 in Hardthaus and we had the first "soul food" to do. I wrote the introductory sentence already at the table. It was the first "soul food" in Hardthaus, but certainly not the last. The response on Sunday was perfect. We thank all our guests and hope that the next time you want to join again.

I enjoyed it very much and I am sure next time gladly again here. Here I show some photos I took in the restaurant.

Jesper Lindebjerg

The term "soul food" featuring the Creole and Cajun cuisine of Louisiana. While the Cajun cuisine of French-born descendants of the Acadians is geared more hearty and rustic, the Creole cuisine is influenced by the many immigrants from Europe and rather follows the upmarket European culinary traditions, especially of French cuisine. Among other things, French, Spanish and Italians in each case brought their culinary traditions one, adapted them to the locally available ingredients and integrated American and African elements which meet over slaves from Africa and the Caribbean colonies there.

At that time - and to this day - a wide range of meat, fish and useful plants: Seafood from the rivers of Virginia or the swamps of Florida, rice from the wetlands Missisippis, cereals, vegetables and fruits of fertile areas ..

Typical spices of this kitchen are cayenne pepper, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, sesame, saffron, thyme and vinegar.

Many of these dishes are seasoned with the so-called "Holy Trinity" (Holy Trinity) Cajun cuisine, consisting of onions, mild green peppers and celery.

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