Wine tasting with the Weingut Robert Weil

19. October 2009

On Friday 9 October 2009 was another one of those "gourmet dates" in Hardthaus.

Arranged have this evening, "the masterful wine grape varieties and cooking" Norbert Schardt, the representative of Bavaria for Weingut Robert Weil in cooperation with Marc Vermetten, chef and cooking of Hardt house.

Dirk Cannova, sales manager from Weingut Robert Weil presented its top wines. Marc Vermetten created an accompanying menu that was served tailored to each wine. His years of experience as a sommelier him the flavors sure but guaranteed combine never boring.

In a cozy atmosphere, the guests listened repeatedly to worth knowing declarations by Dirk Cannova. The flavors on the plate and in the glass, we can describe better thanks to the entertaining and personal presentation and enjoy more consciously.

Today was a successful evening of pleasure in eating and drinking.

  • Greetings from the kitchen
    to 2007 Riesling Sekt Brut
  • Low temperature cooked Pacific Wild Salmon fillet with Riesling foam,
    to 2008 Riesling QBA dry
  • Seeteufelmedalion with caramelized mango and ginger sauce,
    to 2008 Riesling Kabinett semi-dry
  • Poached fillet of veal with Spitzmorchelcasolette,
    to 2002 Riesling Kabinett
  • Breton lobster with green asparagus and hollandaise sauce,
    to 2007 Riesling Kiedrich Gräfenberg First Growth
  • Sous vide cooked venison in truffle savoy Panzarotti,
    to 2007 Pinot Noir
  • Tarte from Cox Orange apple with sabayon and Pine Nut Parfait,
    to 2007 Riesling Auslese
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