Dear guests, 
We very much regret that because of the new regulations, we are required to close our restaurant in November.

We are looking forward to your reservations.

However, we would still like to pamper you with our culinary specialities

Every Friday and Saturday, starting from 13th November 2020, you will find our gourmet, Hardthaus at home-boxes ready to order and ready to cook. Our assortment will include Sushi-boxes for immediate enjoyment and other delicacies.
Thank you for your support and loyalty. 
Stay healthy.
Due to the current situation, we can only allocate a few tables in the restaurant, we have therefore introduced a reservation deposit of 30,00 €. Your deposit will, of course, be credited to your final bill in the Hardthaus Restaurant. Currently, we are renovating our wine cellar for you, so that we can soon offer you more seating options.
If you are not able to use our reservation system, please send us an email stating when for how many people and at what time you would like to come, and we will be happy to reserve a table for you.
Please understand that we cannot accept telephone reservations, as we need your data for tracing in case of a Covid-19 infection.
Please also note that only two families with up to a total of 5 persons may meet.
A face mask that covers the mouth and nose is a requirement when entering the restaurant or when leaving the table, for example, to go to the toilets.
Our hotel will remain open for business travellers.
We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.
Hotel Hardthaus

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Please have a look at our new menu here

Creative Haute Cuisine for culinary "Laissez-faire

Enjoy timeless hours full of pleasure for soul, mind and palate!
In the historic surroundings of the gourmet Hardthaus Restaurant in Kraiburg am Inn you can enjoy exquisite dishes and menus creatively arranged, using fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients. Let yourself be carried away by the rich aromas of our international cuisine and savour the finest wines from selected wineries - for an altogether relaxed gourmet event.

Restaurant chef Marc Vermetten’s philosophy is what gives the multi-faceted creative cuisine its typical style. With his appreciation of authentic quality products from the region, his passion for individual, inventive compositions and a young, fresh management style, he succeeds in bridging the gap between excellent haute cuisine and a relaxed "laissez-faire" atmosphere.
We are also pleased to prepare fish-free, meat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan cuisine for you.

In case of allergies or intolerance to any of the ingredients on our menu, we can, of course, offer an alternative.
We ask you to inform the restaurant service staff when ordering your menu.
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